Best Megaphones Reviews

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA
Clear sound & long range
Ergonomic grip & light-weight
Sugar Home Portable 20-Watt Megaphone
Compact portable and powerful
With voice and siren modes
Pistol grip and strap
Pyle Waterproof Megaphone and Flashlight
Powerful voice amplifier
Wireless audio on-the-go
Functional sound device

Best megaphones

I do not think you have ever been to a parade or public event that did not include a megaphone. It is a useful tool that people use to amplify their voices so that more people can hear. After all, your voice alone cannot reach a crowd of hundreds of people, which is why a megaphone is required.

A megaphone is also known as a bullhorn. It is a hand-held device, cone-shaped, meant to amplify voices or other sounds and direct it in any direction. I doubt that you do not know what that is or have not at least seen one. You speak on the narrow end of the cone, and your voice comes out amplified on the other end. It is as simple as that.

How does a megaphone work?

I do not want to get too technical because let’s face it. It is not as interesting as one may think. However, the effect of the megaphone has to do something with resonance and condensation. It is way too complicated to get into it right now. The point is what the bullhorn does what it does so that it can amplify your voice or other sounds. How does it do that? It depends on the type of megaphone. There are two main categories.

The acoustic megaphone

You could say that the acoustic megaphone is the out-of-date version, although it is still widely used these days. There have been modifications over the years, but it follows the same idea as the very first megaphone. It uses the cone-like shape to amplify your voice and direct it into the direction you want. Depending on the design, such a megaphone can be very potent, and it works like a charm. Over the years, the acoustic megaphone has been replaced by the electric megaphone, but you can still see it in spaces where there is a lot of moisture. Swimming pools and the beach are not suitable environments for electric megaphones, which is why people there use acoustic megaphones.

The electric megaphone

This one is more of a public address system. It amplifies your voice just like the acoustic counterpart, but it uses electric power to do it. It is made of a microphone that converts the sound waves you create into an electrical audio signal. The amplifier, which is generally powered by a battery, will increase the strength of the audio signal, and the loudspeaker converts the electrical signal into sound waves.

As you can imagine, the electric megaphone is more potent than an acoustic device, and it is ideal for large crowds. People use these at all sorts of events in venues that lack a stationary PA system. At the same time, this type of megaphone is heavier and more expensive.

How to choose the best megaphone?

Megaphones are not alike, and some of them have better features than others. That is why you need to establish some sort of criteria before you make a purchase. To make things simpler for you, before you fixate on a particular product, ask yourself the following questions.

Why do I need a megaphone?

There are a lot of reasons why people buy megaphones. You can use it during sports events, cheerleading, lifeguards use it on the beach, strikes, parades, and whatever else you can think of. While the purpose of a megaphone is the same not all of them are designed to satisfy the same needs. For example, an acoustic megaphone is ideal if the crowd is longer than it is wide. The sound can travel hundreds and even thousands of feet in length.

Even if the long range, acoustic megaphones project the sound waves in a tight arc. What if the audience is distributed? If the crowd you want to address to is stationary and it is spread over a wide area, you need an electric megaphone with a loudspeaker. You need to speak into a microphone so that the sound reaches the speaker, thus your audience. So…the question you need to ask yourself, in this case, is: acoustic or electric?

Is the megaphone I want big enough for the crowd?

Megaphones can have power between 5 and 50 watts. I know that a PA system has a lot more, in the hundreds of watts, but even megaphones with low wattage can make themselves heard for hundreds of feet. Some can be heard even thousands of feet away. Even so, it matters where you want to use it. For example, if you go for a compact megaphone, you can only make yourself well heard in an indoor venue.

Just to get a clear picture, if you want a megaphone for a midsize outdoor event, like the ones you see at schools or churches, a 10-watt megaphone is sufficient. Of course, you may want to go for one that has a recording function so that it can amplify the sound, but it is pretty good. At the same time, you need to determine the shape of the venue or the area the crowd is going to occupy. Is that area long or wide? It makes a significant difference. The point is that the more people you need to make yourself heard to, the more power the megaphone needs to have.

For a vast area, you cannot make yourself heard without at least 25 watts. A megaphone with a detachable microphone may be ideal in this case. Such a powerful device is perfect for both large indoor and outdoor crowds.

The bottom line is that when you are in doubt, it is always better to overestimate than to underestimate the power you need. You can satisfy a small crowd with a powerful megaphone, but a huge group with a weak megaphone is impossible. After all, you can turn the volume a little bit down. You cannot turn it up on a small device.

Do I want additional features?

Yes, you do. It is better to have and not use than not have and need. It is a principle that applies to many things. Most megaphones come with all kinds of extra features that you may find useful. Some models have built-in alarms and recording capabilities. Others have a detachable microphone, while some devices have a clear bell. The latter is very useful so that you can see where you are going when you are participating to events that are on the move. The point is that you have where to choose from, and if you are looking for the best megaphone, the more features, the better.

What are the best megaphones?

Since you have already read the info above, you are on the right path of choosing the best megaphone for you. Information is power, and in this case, making the right decision is something to long for. My advice is to never buy a random product, and always read the specifications of a particular product. If it helps, you can read some megaphones reviews online to see if people were satisfied with a product you want or not. That way you can avoid investing in poorly made megaphones. Until then, take a look at the products below. Maybe one of them will catch your eye.

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA

Click here to buy it on Amazon

The first megaphone that caught my eye is the one from Pyle. You probably heard about this manufacturer before. It produces high-quality audio systems of all sorts. This device is no different. People who have already bought the product have only good things to say about it, and I am sure you are going to like it as well. It is a white megaphone that delivers clear sound and has a long range. Your voice can travel up to 800 feet away. As for power, this is a 30-watt megaphone. You can use it outside without fearing that you will not make yourself heard.

The device has an ergonomic grip, and it is pretty lightweight. You can hold it in your hands for hours without feeling fatigued. Just in case you want to take a break, you have s hand strap that can let you carry it without a grip. The megaphone comes with a handheld mic, and it needs only 4 D batteries.

The Pyle megaphone has some additional features as well. It has a 3.5mm aux input. It also has a siren and volume control so that you can use it indoors without deafening people. It can amplify emergency tones. It is compact and features a marine grade waterproof construction so that you can use it in moist environments as well. I think you will be pretty satisfied with it.

Sugar Home Portable 20-Watt Megaphone

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Another model that I think you will like is the one from Sugar Home. It may be compact and portable, but it is a powerful device that delivers 20 watts of power. It is also lightweight, and the handle can be folded down so that it does not occupy much space in storage. Just as with the previous product, this megaphones enjoys the satisfaction of its customers. The reviews are mostly excellent.

This device may not be suitable for large outdoor events, but it can make 60 people hear you perfectly at the company BBQ or other such events. It is ideal for schools and churches, and whatever mid-size events you can think of. It can amplify your voice, and it has a siren mode as well. Just in case the event is smaller, the Sugar home megaphone has a volume control so that you can adjust it accordingly.

The design is pretty comfortable as well. It has a pistol grip and a strap just in case you are taking a break from talking. It is powered by 4 C batteries, which are not included, and the manufacturer recommends that you use name brand alkaline batteries so that you can enjoy a longer use. Other than that, I think you are going to love this one.

Pyle Waterproof Megaphone and Flashlight

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I know this is yet another product from Pyle, but you will see why it is on my list. It is a waterproof megaphone, which makes it ideal for wet environments like pools and beaches. Nevertheless, it is a powerful voice amplifier because it delivers 40 Watts of power. The sound can be projected to cover an area of 1000 square yards. With 130 decibels, everyone can hear you loud and clear.

This product features wireless audio on the go. It has a compact design so that you can take it everywhere you want. It is very lightweight, and you can use it on all kinds of events such as outdoor sports events, public announcements, cheerleading, safety drills, and so on. What I like the most about this model is that it has a rechargeable battery. You receive a charger, and you do not have to change the batteries.

The integrated siren alarm allows you to use the Pyle megaphone as an emergency tool as well as a voice amplifier. The rotary control switch allows you to adjust the volume. One other feature that I think is useful is the LED lights. You can use it in dark locations. The marine grade waterproof construction makes sure that the device withstands moisture without breaking.

My recommendation

I chose the three models, so I like them all. However, if I were to pick just one, I would go with the Pyle Waterproof Megaphone and Flashlight. It is a lot powerful than the other two, and it comes with a rechargeable battery. In my book, that makes it convenient. I believe it is one of the best megaphones you can find.


Making yourself hear is essential at times, and nature has only given us so much. While we cannot increase the volume of our voices, we were smart enough to create something that can amplify them. A megaphone will do precisely that, and it can be very useful at times. One of the products above are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. All you have to do is choose one. Click here to buy on Amazon

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